The EU legal implications of the Covid-19 crisis

Oplæg v/professor Daniel Sarmiento Ramirez-Escudero tirsdag den 28. september 2021, kl. 16.00-18.00 i Europahuset, Gothersgade 115, 1123 København K.

Kort om oplægget:

"Covid-19 has put the world upside down. In the European Union, the impact has been transformative, and it has triggered unprecedented change. In some cases, change has deepened integration. In others, it has put it in reverse. The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed the EU into creating a massive effort of collective financial solidarity to sustain the economy. However, new frontiers have emerged, from sanitary passports to frontier controls inconceivable in a free internal market. Centralized purchase of vaccines has resulted in the EU's first collective effort to provide equal and fair access to key health resources to all Member States, whilst new initiatives to develop a Health Union are now under discussion. This massive transformation of EU policy has come together with a new array of legal instruments, forcing EU law to change into ways unprecedented to date. In this lecture, the legal developments undertaken in the EU will be reviewed and put in a broader light, with the aim of exploring whether integration through law is still in the works, or whether Covid-19 is the latest sign of Europe's many existential crises."


Dørene åbner kl. 15.45

Dagens program:

·         Velkomst ved Anne Mette Vestergaard, Chef for Europa-Parlamentet i Danmark

·         "The EU legal implications of the Covid-19 crisis" v/Professor Daniel Sarmiento, University Complutense of Madrid, Spanien

·         Q&A - ordstyrer: Ulla Neergaard, professor i EU-ret ved Københavns Universitet og formand for Dansk Forening for Europaret

Mødet afholdes som et samarbejde mellem Europa-Parlamentet i Danmark og Dansk Forening for Europaret.

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